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Pelty the Bluetooth speaker 4

Pelty the Bluetooth speaker is powered by the energy of a naked flame

Various gadgets are introduced in the market every day. If you are a music lover with a love for things ...

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The Garmin Vivosmart

The modern smartwatches and the fitness apps that go with them

With the numerous developmental programs coming up for smart watches, smart phones are passé. Plenty of health benefits come with ...

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Computer Manufacturing

How computers revolutionised the manufacturing process

Given the increasingly important role that computers play in all our lives it is perhaps unsurprising that manufacturers have incorporated ...

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data analysis

Can DVD with storage of 1,000 TB bring back the age of DVDs

Thought that CD’s were a thing of the past? Well, you may have to think again. Scientists have made a ...

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Foldable laptops

Foldable gadgets could be the new future of technology

The art of smaller and easily manageable technology is seen everywhere we go. There used to be a time when ...

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smart phone future

The smarter things we can expect from the smartphones of the future

Smartphones have changed our lifestyle and needs but will there come a time when it is the only thing that ...

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wearable technology_1

Smartwatch improvements are where the new action is

After smartphones, the new trend seems to be the smartwatches. It is true that you can see time and check ...

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cloud computing

Cloud computing is changing the job market scenario

Cloud computing can change the job market and prospects in many ways. Business and tech analysts are working together and ...

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Creative spark fading? Here’s how to stoke the flames

You’ve slaved over pen and paper, written like a demon and shot through eighteen cups of coffee in an afternoon. ...

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Todai Robot

Robot to pass University of Tokyo’s difficult entrance exams

Up until now, we’ve seen machines challenging human capabilities while going beyond them. However, in certain areas, we still have ...

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Gold silicon nanoantenna phase shift distortion-free lens

Ultrathin, distortion-free flat lens offers a perfect image

Going past or closer to the ultimate physical limit defined by the laws of diffraction, a recently developed, mere 60 ...

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UltraClean: Green, hand-drying system ensures absolute hygiene

Designed by Avi Kafzan, a Technion-trained mechanical engineer, UltraClean is an eco-friendly hand-drying system that offers absolute protection against germs. ...

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Chinese farmer’s DIY chopper

DIY helicopters made by modern Icarus wannabes

Since Icarus’s maiden flight, the inclination to soar high into the sky has inspired millions to design and create aircrafts. ...

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EyeRing 2

EyeRing provides aural feedback to visually impaired users

While augmented reality applications offer normal users an enhanced, live view of a physical, real-world environment, the computer-generated sensory input ...

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zSpace helps users view objects in floating 3D format

zSpace, conceived by a creative bunch of designers at California-based Whipsaw, Inc., is a concept display that allows users, which ...

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+++ Wearable Music Player

Top wearable gadgets to redefine fashion and technology

With Google testing augmented reality glasses, we had people talking about the practicality and commercial viability of such products. Though ...

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Strange and rare illnesses you never knew

Some people believe that they know everything, especially those desperate know-it-alls. However, the truth is that nobody on this earth ...

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Sheyla Hershey is a Brazilian model

The worst boob jobs that famous women got

Women love to flaunt good in size and good in shape breasts. However, some women do not find their breasts ...

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The war of bands

Guns and ammunitions that make stunning artistic masterpieces

Guns and ammunitions have always been in association with the war and destruction. However, lately the measures of weapons have ...

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The cutest sand dog

Amazing sand art that will win your heart

As kids, we all have tried creating different things with the sand every time we visited the beach. There are ...

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