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JayZ’s controversial visit to Cuba with Beyonce

Some open letters that ended up opening the doors to controversy

While you may have witnessed many open letters that have become popular among readers because of their content or issues, ...

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Girija Srinivas

These people believe they were trapped in someone else’s body

You may have seen people behaving in childish ways or may also have witnesses the extent of supernatural powers. However, ...

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start-up businesses HURDLES

Six grave problems encountered by start-up businesses

Starting your own business could be exciting and enthusiastically satisfying; however, it could be a roller coaster for you as ...

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Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai

Google CEO Pichai talks about how AI and computers tie in to create a promising future

Artificial Intelligence has been creating both chaos and order as it rocks the world from one side to another. With ...

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Some of the weirdest, creepiest X-ray images you’ve ever seen

Many a times, you may go for an X-ray when you have some trouble inside your skin. You may also ...

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Strange and bizarre inventions through time

It is a famous saying that necessity is the mother of invention. Inventors have been creative through histories by bringing ...

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Shoaib Akhtar

Some very controversial personalities from Pakistan

Pakistan has many political and non-political figures that remain in controversy most of the time for some or the other ...

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Collision with another universe

Controversial fringe theories that make an interesting read

Fringe Theories are ideas different from the main view. They can be a historical hoax, unscientific discoveries or hypotheses that ...

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Butter coffee

Some of the weirdest coffee drinks that can add taste to life

Coffee drinkers may be found in every corner of the world but not all can develop their taste for the ...

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Area 51 Skate Park

Some amazing Skate parks you would love to visit

Skate parks are amazing play grounds for skate, scooter, BMX biking and all other related sports. They provide skating ramps ...

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Favorite movie streaming services in India

The craze of movie streaming is on a rise.Many movie streaming services are available through broadband and cellular data connectivity ...

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Interested In Getting A Piano? Here’s A Helpful Primer

There’s a reason behind everyone’s first foray into music. Sometimes it’s outside of your control. When you’re younger, it’s usually ...

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