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Shocking theories about existence of alien life

We always wonder if we have company is this extensive and mysterious universe. There are some shocking and unusual theories ...

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Weird military tech gizmos and gadgets that could be employed in the near future

Seeming almost like a bond movie plot,US military is currently developing breed of gizmos and gadgets which will give them ...

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Modular smartphones with extended capabilities

Modular phones are being designed with a view to end the consumable electronics trend. With functionalities that can be upgraded ...

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Unique gadgets that can make your life simpler

There are tons of smart gadgets in the market at the current moment, but some of these are inventions stemmed ...

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Five little mistakes that ended up costing a fortune

People are prone to making mistakes once in a while. While some mistakes can be easily forgotten as minor errors ...

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Strangely beautiful military traditions around the globe

Each country has its own defense forces, trained and ready to defend the nation in whatever way circumstances demand. These ...

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Weird food gadgets you wouldn’t believe exist

  Your kitchen is a place where lot of innovative gadgets can change the complexion of food that is served ...

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5 products that give you a fighting chance against hangovers

Drinking is fun, but hangovers are criminal. While everyone has one or the other recipe to cure hangover, there are ...

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5 exotic floating hotels that offer you novelty and excitement

Land space is becoming scars and crowded. People are bored from brick and mortar structures. That’s why during past decade ...

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6 of the Oddest Animal Friendships you will ever see

Sometimes animals have an uncanny way of teaching a thing or two about co-existence to the human race. For instance, ...

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5 Really weird nature facts that will leave you spellbound

There are some really astonishing facts about nature that are sure hard to digest. These facts are not only weird ...

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Creative gaming gadgets that promise a richer, better experience

Gaming gadgets are becoming newer and better these days, with each of them offering a more realistic gaming experience than ...

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